General Information /FAQ

Who may join?    Any registered scout or scouter male or female may join? The minimum age is 13.  

How well do I have to play?   You will need to play at least at the basic high school level.

Where will we rehearse?   Initially, rehearsals will take place in the band room at Villanova University. 

Will there be a cost?   Yes, there will be a minimal fee charged to cover incidentals and the purchase of music. 

What will we wear?    Your Class A scout uniform will be your uniform.  

Will I need an instrument?   Yes, you will need to supply your own instrument. Drums and Sousaphones (bring your mouthpiece) will be supplied when rehearsing at Villanova.

Are leaders needed? Yes, there is a need for leaders to help with organizing the band.

Will there be a patch?   You bet there will be a patch. 

Who do I contact for more information?  Contact the band director George Pinchock at       © George Pinchock 2015